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Congratulations on a Beautiful Show Weekend!

A huge thank you for all of the hard work all the students and parents have put in to make this end of year shows the best yet! None this would be possible without the dedication of our families. It takes an army of volunteers to make it all come together in the end! Please visit our Facebook page for pictures from the shows.

Performance Video Ordering

All Performances are professionally recorded by Lighting Video. You can order your DVD at the show or directly from their website

Click Here for Lighting Videos

NEW! Fall Class Placement Class
June 5th at Stuart Studio

This year ballet students will be evaluated for fall class placement. This is a mandatory class for students who are looking to advance to a higher level. If you are unable to attend, you need to contact Miss Alicia at 772-220-9440 and schedule a 20-minute paid private.

Class times are as follows for your child’s current level

Ballet Level I, I/II, II
4:45 PM – 6:00 PM

Ballet Level II/III, III, Pre-Teen & Teen Ballet
6:00 PM – 6:45 PM

Ballet Level IV
6:45 PM – 7:30 PM

The class costs $5 per student.

Tights, Hair & Makeup

Alice In Wonderland – All students Hair in a bun, Pink tights, pink shoes or pointe shoes – unless otherwise instructed.

Take Me To Broadway & Disney Princesses & Broadway Starlets

Teacher: Ryan Johnston

Creative Movement – Monday 3:30 PC
Song: Tale As Old As Time     Hair: Bun       Shoes: Pink Ballet    Tights: Pink

Teen Jazz, Wednesday  6:00, Stuart
Song: Bring On Men     Hair: High Pony       Shoes: Tan Jazz       Tights: Tan

Tap Street Funk – Thursday 4:30 PC
Song: Inspired By     Hair: High Pony       Shoes: Tan Tap       Tights: Tan

*PLUS any black accessories they choose

 Teacher: Amber Salo

Contemporary V/VI – Wednesday 8:00 Stuart
Song: Memory    Hair: Bun       Shoes: None    Tights: Stirrup Tan

Teacher: Jordan Ambrusko

Creative Movement – Monday 3:30 Stuart
Song: Under The Sea     Hair: Bun       Shoes: Pink Ballet    Tights: Pink

Beginning Ballet – Wednesday 3:30 Stuart
Song: Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride     Hair: Bun      Shoes: Black Tap (no laces – velcro only)    Tights: Pink

Beginning Ballet – Saturday 9:30 Stuart
Song: The Circle of Life     Hair: Bun       Shoes: Pink Ballet    Tights: Pink

Teacher: Kim Lorenzatto

Jazz/Contemporary IV/V – Thursday 6:00 Stuart
Song: When Your Feet Don’t Touch The Ground     Hair: Bun      Shoes: Jazz Tan    Tights: Tan

Creative Movement – 4:45 Port St. Lucie
Song: On Your Feet: Mega Mix    Hair: Bun      Shoes: Black Tap (no laces – velcro only)   Tights:Tan

Jazz II/III – Monday 5:45 Port St. Lucie
Song: On Your Feet: Mega Mix    Hair: Bun      Shoes: Tan Jazz    Tights:Tan

Lyrical II/III – Monday 6:45 Port St. Lucie
Song: For Good    Hair: Bun      Shoes: Tan Jazz     Tights: Tan

Jazz VI – Tuesday 5:15 Stuart
Song: Roxie     Hair: Bun      Shoes: Tan Jazz    Tights:Tan

Tap V/VI – Tuesday 6:15 Stuart
Song: So Long Dearie     Hair: Bun      Shoes: Tan Tie Tap    Tights:Tan

Tap II/Jazz II – Wednesday 5:00 Stuart
Song: Put On Your Sunday Clothes     Hair: Bun      Shoes: Tan Tie Tap    Tights: Tan

Tap III/IV – Wednesday 6:15 Stuart
Song: King Of New York     Hair: Bun      Shoes: Tan Tap    Tights: Tan

Jazz III/IV – Wednesday 7:00 Stuart
Song:My Strongest Suit    Hair: Bun      Shoes: Tan Jazz     Tights: Tan

Teacher: Dana McCartney

Hip Hop I – Tuesday 4:30 Palm City
Song: School of Rock Mix     Hair: High Pig Tails      Shoes: Black Hip Hop    Tights: Tan
*Main leotard with jacket, red bow clips, neutral makeup with red lipstick

Hip Hop III – Wednesday 5:30 Palm City
Song: High School Musical Mix     Hair: Half up – Half down      Shoes: Black Hip Hop    Tights: None (No underwear – leotard only)
*Nude leotard with nude straps, neutral makeup with red lipstick. Black hat, black high socks, unitard, jersey top.

Hip Hop II – Wednesday 6:30 Palm City
Song: Straight Outta 8 Mile     Hair: French braid pig tails      Shoes: Black Combat Boots with yellow laces   Tights: Black Sparkle Leggings
*Black leo, grey tank, flannel (cut tags inside), gloves- black side up, black bandana, neutral makeup, (maybe) red lipstick

Teacher: Bailey Toth

Acro I – Tuesday 3:30 Palm City
Song: Where You Are     Hair: High Pony Tail      Shoes: None    Tights: Tan

Teacher: Stacey Cob
Disney Princesses & Broadway Starlets

Beginning Ballet – Monday @ 3:30 – Stuart
Song: Once Upon A December    Hair: Bun       Shoes: Pink Ballet    Tights: Pink

Jazz I/ Tap I/ Lyrical I – Monday @ 4:45 – Stuart
Song: We Go Together   Hair: High Pony Tail     Shoes: Tan Jazz    Tights: Tan
Other: Curls in Pony Tail

Beginning Ballet – Tuesday @ 4:30 – Palm City
Song: Getting To Know You   Hair: Bun   Shoes: Pink Ballet   Tights: Pink

Alice In Wonderland

Pointe I – Monday @ 6:00 – Stuart
Song: Morning Papers Waltz  Hair: Bun   Shoes: Pink Ballet   Tights: Pink

Pointe I – Thursday @ 5:15 – Palm City
Song: Clocks  Hair: Bun   Shoes: Pink Ballet   Tights: Pink
Other: Tack down netting on hats; over right eye

Alice In Wonderland

Ballet I – Monday @ 3:30 – Stuart
Song: Fish & Frogs      Hair: Bun       Shoes: Pink Ballet        Tights: Pink

Ballet I/II Lyrical I/II – Monday @ 5:00 – Palm City
Song: Mini Mad Hatters      Hair: Low Bun       Shoes: Pink Ballet        Tights: Pink

Ballet II Lyrical II – Monday @ 6:15 – Palm City
Song: Home/Wonderland – Fireflies      Hair: Bun       Shoes: Pink Ballet        Tights: Pink

Ballet I – Wednesday @ 3:30 – Palm City
Song: Hedgehogs     Hair: Low Bun,     Shoes: Pink Ballet     Tights:Pink

Disney Princesses & Broadway Starlets

Creative Movement/Tap – Wednesday @ 1:00 – Palm City
Song: Beyond My Wildest Dream – The Little Mermaid    Hair: Bun     Shoes: Pink Ballet     Tights: Pink

Beginning Ballet/Tap/Jazz Saturday @ 9:30 – Palm City
Song: I See The Light – Tangled     Hair: Bun     Shoes: Pink Ballet     Tights: Pink

Take Me to Broadway

Musical Theater III – Tuesday @ 4:30 – Stuart
Song: King of New York – Newsies      Hair: Bun       Shoes:Tan Jazz of Tan Tap Shoes        Tights: Pink

Musical Theater I/II – Tuesday @ 5:30 – Stuart
Song: Baby June and Her Newsboys – Gypsy  Hair: Low Bun     Shoes: Tan Jazz Shoes      Tights: Tan

Musical Theater IV – Tuesday @ 6:30 – Stuart
Song:  Dancin’ Food – Copacabana       Hair: High Pony Tail      Shoes: Black Character Shoes        Tights: Tan

Advanced Modern – Tuesday @ 7:30 – Stuart
Song: Dance of the Robe – Aida       Hair: Low Bun with Side Part       Shoes: Bare Feet      Tights: Stirrup Tan

Musical Theater II/Jazz II – Wednesday @ 4:30 – Palm City
Song: Hook’s Waltz – Peter Pan     Hair: Low Bun      Shoes: Tan Jazz       Tights: Tan

Musical Theater III/Jazz III – Wednesday @ 5:30  – Palm City
Song: It Must Be Believed To Be Seen      Hair: Low Pony Tail     Shoes: Painted Jazz Shoes     Tights: Purple

Intermediate Modern/Contemporary – Wednesday @ 7:00 – Stuart
Song: Middle of a Moment – James & the Giant Peach    Hair: Low Pony Tail    Shoes: Bare Feet    Tights: Stirrup Tan

Musical Theater V – Thursday @ 6:00 – Stuart
Song: Broadway Melody – Singin’ In The Rain    Hair: Pony Tail     Shoes: Black Character     Tights: Tan

***2 Day Advanced Workshop with Duncan Cooper***
June 8th & 9th

Ballet, Pointe, Variations, Contemporary, Leaps & Turns & More
Ages: 12+  (or by invitation)
$200 for 2-day workshop
There will also be a separate ballet master class for ages 9+
Mark your calendar more information coming soon
Learn more about Duncan on his website
and follow him on Instagram @duncancooper70