Nutcracker Rehearsal Schedule

Monday, September 17

Wednesday, September 19

(No Public School ) 

Saturday, September 22

Monday, September 17

4:30-5:45= Full Pointe class

5:45-6:30= All Snowflakes, Leads and Snow Queen

Wednesday, September 19  (No Public School Martin County)

Studio I


1:45-2:45= Demi Lead Arabian (Marissa, Rebecca, Ellie)

2:45=3:30= All Spanish Cast A and B

3:30-4:15= Older Party Friends, Clara and Best Friend (in Studio II)

4:15–4:45= Chinese

Studio III

1:15-2:30= Arabian: Aiden, Ashley, Molly

2:30-3:25= Shepherdess

Saturday, September 22

Studio 1

11:45-12:10= Ballerina Dolls and Soldier Dolls

12:10- 1:15= Older Party Friends only (Clara, Best Friend come @ 12:40)

1:30- 2:30= All Party Children including Clara, Best Friend, Fritz

2:30-3:15= All Party Parents and Party children (Entrance scene only) (Becca and Grace you will meet your parent and leave for candy cane rehearsal. Hannah Freeman no need to attend. Go to Candy Cane rehearsal.

3:15-4:15-= All Snowflakes, Leads and Snow Queen

4:30-5:00= Mandatory Stuart City Dancer Meeting for parents and company members.

Studio II

11:30-12:00= All Angels including Leads

12:00-12:30= All Mother Gingers Children including Lead

12:30-1:15= Poinsettias

1:15-2:00= All Bells including Leads

Studio III

12:30- 1:30- All Mice and Soldiers

1:30-2:30= OPEN

2:30-3:30= Candy Canes with Demi Leads only

3:30-4:15= All Lollipops

Studio IV

12:30- 1:30 = Cup Cakes and Bakers

1:30-2:15= Lead Arabian and Aiden Only

2:15-:3:15= All Cotton Candy; Leads come @ 3:00

3:15-4:15= All Lambs

Rehearsals are mandatory and are scheduled with updates posted every Sunday. Check this page frequently for changes and updates. We are excited to begin rehearsals for our 21st annual Nutcracker performances.

Happy Dancing!