Dress Code & Studio Etiquette

Dress Requirements

Creative Movement/Tap

Solid Leotard
pink tights
pink ballet shoes
black tap shoes-no shoelaces

Beginning Ballet, Ballet I and I/II

Pale pink leotard (sleeveless or short sleeved)
pink tights
pink ballet shoes

Ballet II - III

Black leotard
pink tights
pink ballet shoes
skirts allowed
no leg warmers

Ballet IV and up

Black leotard
pink tights
pink ballet shoes
skirts allowed no leg warmers unless approved by the instructor

Jazz, Hip Hop, Lyrical, Musical Theatre & Acrobatics

Solid color leotard
jazz pants
pink or black tights, 
Acro - convertible tan tights
Speak with your teacher about shoe requirement.

Tap & Mixed Tap

Solid leotard
pink tights
dark suntan tap shoes with laces

Male Dancer

Black tights
white t-shirt
white ballet shoes
white socks

Adult Ballet

Solid leotard or yoga pants
pink tights
pink ballet shoes

Company Members

Company members can wear their company leotards in class. 

Seamed tights may be worn in class and are required for performances.
No midriffs,sports bras or crop tops allowed in class at any time

Hair Requirements


Hair must be securely in a bun for all classes. Student will be dismissed from class after the third notice from the instructor. Hot buns are not allowed for performance, and will be removed backstage.

Hip Hop, Lyrical, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre

Bun or Secure ponytail keeping hair away from the face for class.


Be On Time For Your Scheduled Class
Dance Bags, Street Shoes, Clothing, etc. are to be placed in the BACK HALLWAY. Do Not Leave Items In The Lobby.
Quietly wait until your class begins.
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