Payment Policy (effective August 1, 2024

Annual Registration Fee

$50 per student or $55 per family

Class Tuition

Tuition Payments Per Student
Tuition is charged monthly and is based on an 11-month calendar from August 12th, 2024, through June 28th, 2025. Tuition rates remain the same whether a given month of classes is long or short with one exception: August tuition will each be prorated for 3 weeks of classes.

Classes at the Dance Academy continue after our performances for the months of  December & June.  Payment for these months still need to be paid, even if  your student will not be participating in class. If you know that they will not be attending during that particular month, they can take make-up classes at any time during the school year. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you decide to withdraw your student from the Dance Academy after the performance and then decide to rejoin in January, you will be required to pay a $50.00 Registration Fee, and your child will not be able to take make-up classes. We register several new students in December & January so you may be put on a waiting list for your desired classes.  Once you withdraw from a class, there is no guarantee that your child's place in that class will be held.

PLEASE NOTE: To participate in our November or June shows, monthly  tuition for those months is due prior to the shows. Please speak to our front desk if you need to make any special arrangements with these tuition payments.
Monthly Tuition is Due on the 1st of the month. Auto-charge can be set up in the studio.
$25.00 late fee after the 5th
No Pro-Rating – No Refunds – No Credit
Return Check Fee $35.00
Creative Movement, Mini Acro, Mini Hop Hop, Mini Jazz, Mini Lyrical, Mini Broadway Starlets, classes: $65.00/month.
Beginning Ballet, Ballet I - VI, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Contemporary, & Acrobatics dance classes . 
Progressive Ballet Technique Stretch & Tone $30 for Company & Competition Dancers only. 
Leaps Turns - $35/ month.

All Other Classes as follows:

1 class per week – $ 68.00/month
2 classes per week – $ 118.00/month
3 classes per week – $165.00/month
4 classes per week – $215.00/month
5 classes per week – $255.00/month
6 classes per week – $295.00/month
7 classes per week - $325.00/month
8 -12 classes per week - $350.00/month (PBT/Stretch &Tone not included in unlimited package).
After 12 classes per week- $35.00 additional/class/month
Stretch and Tone, Progressing Ballet Technique – $30.00/month Company/ Competition dancers. $50.00 /month non Company/ Competition
Sibling Discount: 10% off siblings tuition

Single Class: $20.00 per class

Withdrawing a student from a class must be done in person and recorded in writing at the front desk. Telling a teacher will not be accepted as withdrawal. If a student has not withdrawn from a class by the end of the month, they will be considered enrolled for the next month and will be charged automatically. In case of failure to withdraw before the 1st of the next month, auto charged tuition will NOT be refunded.

Attendance & Make-up Classes
Tuition is not pro-rated or refunded due to absences or unexpected closures (ie. hurricanes). However, dancers are strongly encouraged to make up any missed classes within two months of their absence. Make-up classes must be taken at the same technique level or lower. Please coordinate with the front desk to schedule a make-up class.

Private Classes

$35.00 per 30 minutes
$50.00 per 45 minutes
$65.00 per 60 minutes
Payment due in advance

 2024- 2025 Nutcracker /Holiday Performance & Costume Fees

Nutcracker / Holiday Show/December Tuition  (Due October 1st, 2024) (Payment Plan Available)

Nutcracker: $75 for one dance $140 for multiple dances
Mini-Nutcracker (Beginning Ballet, Pre-Ballet, Creative Movement, Mini Acro & Mini Hip Hop, Mini Jazz, Mini Cheer, 
Mini Lyrical, Mini Broadway Starlets): $30 / more than 1 dance = $45
Friday Evening Holiday Show: 1 dance = $30 / more than 1 dance = $45
End of Year Performance (Costume Fees due January 31, 2025)

Child Size – $85.00 per costume
Adult Size – $125.00 per costume

2024/2025 End of Year Costume Fee /June Tuition Payment Plan

Begin Date: August 12th,  2024
End Date: May 3rd,  2025

Costume June Tuition Payment Plan
 September 1st, 2024 thru April 5th, 2025.
Cost of costumes is split into equal monthly payments.
Any Credit will be applied to tuition.
A one-time late payment charge of $30 will be assessed on any unpaid balance on April 5th, 2024.

Any dancers who do not have their costumes fees paid by performance time will not be allowed to perform.

*No payment plans will be offered after January 30th, 2025.

**Costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE after February 1st, 2025.   Costumes can no longer be returned.

***A Costume Cancellation Fee of $25 per costume, plus a restocking fee (determined by the Costume Company) and also the cost of shipping will be assessed between February 1st & February 10th, 2025
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