Final Sleeping Beauty Rehearsal Schedule

Monday, May 20th=Traveling Soldier (minus Aiden and Anneka )= 5:15-5:35. Short warm up 5:35-5:45. Rehearsals as follows: 5:45-6:45= Pointe class dance; 6:45- 7:15=fairy opening, both codas; one fairy scene with Daniella. Daniella and Fairies to rehearse Sleeping Beauty’s Dream opening and ending. Aiden please come into studio 1 from 5:45-6:10 to rehearse fairy opening entrance.

                  STUART LOCATION:

Mandatory Sleeping Beauty Rehearsals: Entire Cast as follows:

Two Saturdays, May 18th and 25th.  

All ACT I and ACT II dancers= 12:00-2:15

ENTIRE CAST Final Bows: 2:15-2:30

Canned Heat/SCD Members=2:30-2:45

All Act III Sleeping Beauty dancers=2:45-4:15

Traveling Soldier=4:15-4:30

Call front desk for details