EPS – Entertainment Photography Specialists
is coming to Dance Academy of Stuart!
October 23 & 24, 2021

Attending group photos is mandatory. You must book and schedule individual sessions with link below. Be sure to read this page for details about booking and packages.


We are so excited to visit Dance Academy of Stuart this year and create amazing images with you!!!

We know you have not met the EPS Photography team yet, so we have put together some information for you to help you understand how Photo Day will work.


Who is EPS?

 EPS – Entertainment Photography Specialist is in the business of photographing artists, dancers, gymnasts, circus acts, and anyone in the entertainment industry!  We were all performers/artists ourselves and it is our passion!   We specialize in capturing artists during jumps, leaps & high-speed movement to help your artist show off all their best stuff in their images!


So how does it work? 

We will be taking Individual & Class Group Photos 

Group Photos will be taken at specified times.  The Group Photo times are listed farther below in this email.

For individual photo appointments, you can select your appointment times anytime you wish during the day, however following your Group photos is typically what most parents choose.


What happens during my photo session? 

Our photo appointment sessions are 5-Minutes each!  

During your session, we will take between 20 – 40 images of your performer.

Be sure to come into the photo room with your performer! We love to have you there during your performers individual photo session!


What happens after my photo session?

 The day after your photo session, you will receive an email with a link to a gallery of your images.

Here you will be able to select your images for the packages you pre-purchased.

In your gallery link email, you will also receive a Gift Certificate Code for the amount you pre-purchased.

You can use this Gift Certificate when you check out of the son-line store.

Don’t worry – you can upgrade or change your package if you love more images than you pre-purchased!

Just add anything you want into your cart and use your Gift Certificate toward your total cart balance.


So, how many packages will I need?

You will need one photo session for each costume that you wish to take photos on.

Example:  If you wish to take photos in 2 costumes, you can purchase either:

2 Bronze Packages, 2 Silver Packages, or 2 Gold Packages.  If you have 6 costumes you wish to take photos in, you can purchase 6 Bronze Packages, 6 Silver Packages, or a Diamond Package!



What type of photo packages do you offer?

We offer individual photo packages (Bronze, Silver or Gold Packages) as well as multiple image/appt packages (Platinum, Sapphire or Diamond Packages).

A full list of our packages is listed below.

Our Multiple image packages are great for families with multiple performers taking photos 


They are wonderful if you wish to be able to select additional images from your photo sessions!

Split a Platinum package between your 2 performers OR select the Platinum package for your performer and select 4 images from your photo session!

Below is a listing of all our packages and what you will receive for each photo package:

How do I book my Appointment Times?

Once you have purchased your Photo Packages – you will need to book your appointment times.

To do this, check your email after booking your photo packages.  The link to book your appointment times can be found in your package confirmation email.  Simply click on the link to go to the Appointment Scheduler.


How many appointment times will I need?

You can make an appointment time for each photo package you have purchased or 1 appointment for each costume that your multiple image package allows.  


Example #1:  If you purchased 2 Bronze Packages:

You will need to book 2 appointment times.  

This will allow you to take photos in 2 costumes.


Example #2:  If you have 2 performers & have purchased 1 Platinum Package

You can book up to 4 appointment times.  

This will allow your performers to take photos in up to 4 costumes.


Example # 3:  If you have purchased 1 Diamond Package

You will need to book up to 6 Appointment Times

This will allow you to take photos in up to 6 costumes.


Group Photo Schedule

It is important to note that Group Photo Participation is mandatory.

You do not need to book an appointment for Group Photos, simply follow the schedule below.

You can pre-purchase your Group Photos, however you will also be able to purchase them after the photo shoot as well.

Attending group photos is mandatory. You must book and schedule individual sessions with link below. Be sure to read this page for details about booking and packages.

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