Stuart City Dancers

Since 1998 the Stuart City Dancers have been The Dance Academy of Stuart’s company comprised of serious young dancers from ages 10 to 18. These dancers are focused and have a strong desire to further their training and partake in additional performance opportunities including community outreach. Stuart City Dancer members strive for excellence and a commitment to the art of ballet and dance.

Community Outreach

Every year the Stuart City Dancers participate in community events, sharing their love and passionate for dance and the arts. If you are interested in hosting the Stuart City Dancers please call or email us at (772) 220-9440 or [email protected]

Auditions & Requirements

Auditions are held annually in August.  To audition dancers must have completed Ballet II/III or higher.  They must be 10 years old by December 31st of audition year. Have completed 6 weeks of summer classes including 2 ballet, 1 pointe class. and 1 elective per week. Intensives are recommended and count as two weeks of classes. Please contact us for more information and watch for information about August Workshops.

2021/2022 Stuart City Dancers

Senior Principals

Molly Ouert
Ana Perez-Yudin
Isabel Rubiera
Ellie Sexsmith


Mia Grace Carlson
Megan Gallo
Summer Haworth
Courtney Jones
Terri Marshall
Reagan Tschudi


Dakota Beurrier
Kira Eason
Rachelle Korte

Demi Soloists/Corps

Hallie Ely
Ava Lorenzatto
Piper Brown

Sr. Corps Apprentices

Gabe Dubrinksky
Winter Hayes
Laurence Lannuier
Jaime Lopes
Alexandra Vale
Emma Zyak

Junior Company A

Gabi-Lynne Fries
Kacey Fryer
Jordan Hoffman
Lilly Freese
Sara Schramm

Junior Company B

Zoe Artman
Chloe Boberg
MacKenzie DiNicola
Micaela Donatucci
Livia Garbellano
Miabella Karl
Lizzie Lovett
Brooke Ward

Junior Company C

Kate Carlen
Lourdes Marsh
Ava Ragazzon
Hannah Vincent

Junior Company Apprentices

Chilton Delaney
Pierslynn Miller
Averi Popovic
Claire Smith
Natalie Aton

2021/2022 Senior Company Officers

Molly Ouret, Isabel Rubiera, Ana Perez Yudin, Ellie Sexsmith
Courtney Jones
Megan Gallo
Molly Ouret
Summer Haworth

President - The role of the president is to represent the company and be responsible for coordinating any company activities. The President work directly with Miss Alicia and other teachers and are responsible for communicating important relevant information to senior company members. The president is also responsible for working directly with Jr. Company Representatives on companywide events and activities.

Treasurer - Responsible for tracking company finances and works directly with the presidents.

Historian - Responsible for producing annual photo album and keeping studio bulletin boards up to date.  Responsible for making sure pictures are taken of all company and studio activities

Photographer - Works directly with the Historian to help support all historian responsibilities especially in taking photos.

Secretary - Works with presidents to ensure that information is clear, keeps track of company activities, and takes notes on company meetings.

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